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End game PvE players of the original Guild Wars had long sought to complete zones in the game as fast as possible. With the release of Eye of the North and subsequent PvE-only skills in 2007, the practice of rushing end game content evolved into what was was called the "Speed Clear." With the speed clear came the idea of records- player achievements focusing on who could rush areas the fastest and with the most intuitive tactics.

Originally there was a single thread on Guild Wars Guru where SC community members would post their accomplishments, and their records would be added to a table in the original post. On September 18, 2011, the guild [Zraw] attempted to fake an Elite Area record for The Underworld. They glitched the game to allow fourteen players (seven players and seven heroes) to complete the eight-man zone, and tried to pass it off as an eight-man record. They were found out, and the SC community erupted in outrage, flaming the thread. The thread became hard to moderate and was soon locked and hidden. Three days later, on September 21, 2011, Guild Wars Speed Clear Records was born in what was a successful move to end SC community dependence on Guru.

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Our community would not be possible without the support and contributions from many members of the Guild Wars community. In alphabetical order we'd like to give due credit and thanks to: Albus Stormgaard, Atrocious Shadow, Barbie Pryncess, Big Man A, Broken Arietta, Chalice Teh Ninja, Cookie Is A B A W S, Druzil The Immortal, Eris Superiority, Fohtoh, Frosty Blades, Guppy Su Pe R Sta R, GW2BBCode, Hudini Will Slice, Kaida Godfray, Kara Tea Sirel, Legion of Doom [LOD], Misa Nami, Muuhd Em Kus, Guild With No [NAME], Namles Assassin, Panic At The Crisco, The Pina Colada, Pôwer, Spirit of Missy, Tears Of The Ascended [ToA], I Tinimidget I, Virtual Squirrels [Vs], We Gat Dis [HRUU], Wethospu Braveheart, and in general, the whole Guild Wars 1 speed clear community.