Useful Links for GW2

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Useful Links for GW2

Postby Arietta » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:27 pm

Taken mostly from ToA Forums

Offcial Sites
GW2 Forums -- Official GW2 Forums
GW2 Wiki -- Official GW2 Wiki

Community Sites

GW2 LFG -- Cross server group finder for any dungeon path. The tPvP (free and paid) has been added to searchable groups.

GW2 Guru -- Great community website to read things and lol

Item Info
GW2DB -- Has every item that can be found in game, along with code to view in game.
GuildHead -- Alternative to GW2DB.
GW2 Spidy -- Houses all TP data. You can view current prices or prices of items months ago. Also shows price of Gold to Gems, Gems to Gold, and how much 100 gems are in USD

Specialty Sites
GW2 Armor -- Photos of all dungeon, exotic crafted, karma, and specially armors divided by Race/Class/Gender. Also has links to GW2DB or code to view items in game.
GW2 Armor Gallery -- Shows every armor in game, without codes to view them in game.

GW2 Crafting -- Has guides for each craft, some based solely on discovery. Also has a map for where materials can be found.

Dulfy -- List of guides for major events, along with galleries for weapons. The place to go if you have no clue what to do during new content.

Timers and Ranking
WvW and sPvP rankings -- Updated with current scores and rankings for every WvW match. Updated with sPvP rankings.

Orr Maps -- Shows locations of Orichalcum, Ancient Wood, and Omnomberries in Orr and Frostgorge. Usually updated about 6-10 hours after a reset.
Dragon Sworn Dye List -- Catalogue of all dyes in game. Shows what they look like in the vial and on metal/leather/cloth.

Build Editors
GW2 Skills -- You can also add Runes, Sigils, and PvP Amulets to adjust your stats.
GW2 Build -- Houses 100s of builds people post. Same as Above, but no underwater builds, only 1 rune can be added, and doesn't show weapon skills.
GW2 Codex -- Houses 1000s of Builds. No sigils, runes, or amulets can be selected.
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