Restricted Fractal Records Rules

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Restricted Fractal Records Rules

Postby Cookie » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:10 am

Updated: 13/10/14

Post a new thread to share records with the community! :)

Note: If it is a guild record, please include your guild tag and website if you have one. When posting your record, please state that it is a 'Restricted' record in the thread title.


    0.) All Fractal Records are to be done at Fractal scale 50.

    1.) For a record to be valid, the time must be faster than the current record displayed and the record must be accompanied by a video for evidence/proof; one point of view is sufficient.

      Additional guidelines for your videos:

      a. Videos may not be sped up or slowed down, and must be captured in normal time.

      b. You must display the game build at some point in your video to show when your run was done. This can be done before, during, or after the run.

      c. You may wish to also type /age at the start, and /age again at the end of the video. This way, viewers will be able to determine the total time spent by subtracting the growth in your account age [optional].

      d. There must be at least one PoV that shows what’s going on within the fractal, from start to finish. If at any point there is no video evidence of activities within the run, it’ll be denied.

    2.) No use of hacks or 3rd party software that allows players to perform acts that would be impossible without said means. This includes but is not limited to speed hacks, fly hacks, no-clip, teleporting.

    3.) The records timer starts when any party member activates a skill or moves their model from the spawn point. If evidence shows that your party has triggered events in the fractal prior to timer start, your record will be denied.

      3a.) Due to the nature of Fractals; members of your party may change builds and characters before starting the timer.

    4.) The timer stops when the reward chest for the fractal appears.

    5.) All pathways that are designed to block progress through the path must be opened. You may not have any party member(s) get past blocked passages until the required sequence/dialogue has been completed.

    6.) Consumables (excluding food/nourishment) and town clothing are banned (this includes trait reset books).

    7.) If any party member(s) at any point enter ‘out of bounds’ on a dungeon map, the time will be void.

    8.) If it is evident that your party has deliberately (or otherwise) abused positioning to disable a boss, your time will be void. This means safe spotting a boss, line of sighting to cause a boss to break, etc.

    9.) The record system is founded on trust. Please do not attempt to fake videos, i.e.: Editing them, using DC tricks to manipulate the in-game events, etc. All we have is third-party proof and no real way to verify your accomplishments. Because of this, some people may, and will fake records. If a record appears to be fake, feel free to follow up with your own posts in its thread debating its legitimacy.

    10.) No use of gem store boosters/items. This includes but is not limited to Strength/Armor boosters and instant trait resets.

    11.) Party members may not switch character once the timer has begun.

    12.) Have fun, and good luck

*** These rules are subject to change at any time so it is advised you brief yourself with them each time before you post a record. ***
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