Records are the main feature and driving force behind the Guild Wars Speed Clear Records community. Here you'll be able to view records for Guild Wars 2 dungeons, the Fractals of the Mists and other things including but not limited to boss solos, jumping puzzles, guild missions, events, renowned hearts and more!

Dungeon and Fractals of the Mists (level 49) records are recorded on two separate tables- current meta and all-time. Current meta records are reset every time a Guild Wars 2 game update significantly (as decided by our community) changes the game and all-time records are recorded whenever someone claims a record time that is faster than what was is currently displayed in the table.

Each of the aforementioned tables is divided into two categories- restricted and unrestricted. Records in the restricted category are governed by a strict rule set which requires players to complete most if not all of the dungeon as it was intended while records in the unrestricted category have relaxed rules, allowing players to get away with most things. If you would like to claim a dungeon record, do so by reading the rules and posting in our Dungeon Records forum. Fractals of the Mists records can be claimed by visiting the Fractals of the Mists forum.

Additionally, having your record added to any of the current meta tables automatically ranks your guild and places it on the guild leaderboard. Claiming multiple records improves your guild's rank.

Other records is a special and very flexible records table. Players are able to post almost anything, and for everything except jumping puzzle records, the players determine what the "record" is and what its requirements are. If you would like to claim an other record, do so by reading the rules and posting in our Other Records forum.